Hi Everyone,

This is just a note to say hi and fill you in on a few experiences out here on the road. We are halfway into the UK tour and it's been a really nice experience so far. We are able to play in some new cities this time and I am looking foward to seeing some new things. I particularly liked what I got to see of York. I had some nice venison there too. I was going to try the steak and ale pie but they were all out. Years ago it was easy to make fun of the food in the UK but not now. It's actually amazingly good these days. I had some gread Indian food in Liverpool too.

Other fun things... Tonight in Manchester my friend Guthrie Govan played with us. He's a very fine guitarist with superhuman precision. I enjoyed having him onstage. I kept suggesting different musical styles for him to play over and he nailed all of them. Country, Lounge Jazz, super wristy funk and a Classical Etude. Then he let loose on a crazy yet musical solo before we played a few notes together.

Next on the agenda: Speak to the Police about filing a report to possibly block this weekend's UK auction of the Gold Top Gibson Les Paul that my dad said was stolen. We hope to get this instrument back in the family's hands after all these years.

There's a lot going on on tour and many things coming up for the new year. We have some plans in place for a February run and some other stuff shortly after.

I'm planning to work a little on some of my own music in the early part of the year as well. Who knows what that will sound like at this point.

I'll keep you posted on all of that stuff. Great see so many DZW folks at the shows!

Best Regards, See you all at the rest of the UK shows.