Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the new version of the DZW site. I hope you will all take a moment to check out some of the new content already in place on the site and get used to the new functionality in the menus. Connections is where you find all of the members and groups now.

The home page has been revamped and will be refreshed with new photos, audio, and info on a frequent basis. It will aslo be the place to discover the latest news and additions to the site.

Look for site nav tips under the Main tab and explore some of the new features available for the site and for your mobile phone. I hope to continue to make things even more interactive here as time goes on.

Some big possibilites on the horizon... the obvious live chatting. The less obvious, streaming of live Dweezil or ZPZ events, interactive "create your own" CD downloads, special mobile phone check in at ZPZ events and more.

Have fun on the site and stay tuned for the announcement of the new double CD project called Dweezil Zappa - Live "In The Moment."

Regards, DZ