This tour started with Dweezilla. It was a really fun event and I look forward to expanding the opportunities for people to join us at camp. I hope to present Dweezilla in at least one more additional location in North America next year as well as at least one location in Europe. I really enjoy the teaching aspect of the camp and it's inspirational to see all of the students connect with the material and expand their horizons.

Our headline tour that followed was exciting for us as well. We worked hard to learn the orchestral arrangement of Rollo and it has been one of the top musical highlights for this DZPZ project and for me personally.

Playing with Return To Forever has also been quite a treat. I've ejoyed listening to them nightly and have certainly enjoyed the moments we've had Chick Corea and Jean Luc Ponty as guests on stage with us.

I've had an opportunity to sit and play with Frank Gambale as well. That was very exciting since his DVDs are what I used to alter my technique in order to play the super hard stuff I wanted to play in my dad's music. He's an amazing guitarist and a great teacher.

This first leg of the tour is almost over. As rewarding as it is to play this music I am definitely looking forward to a break. I miss my daughters so much when I am on the road. They are only 5 and 3 and I don't want to miss out on this amazing time of discovery in their lives. It's difficult to find the right balance of work and time with them. While I'm at home I'll celebrate my 42nd birthday as well. There are a lot of things for me to be happy about this year and extra time with my daughters tops my list!

As a band we have learned a lot of material since 2006. Over 135 songs total. Many versions have been recorded/filmed in various ways.

In the next year or so many of the songs we have played in the past will resurface in one form or another, live on stage or live on disc/dvd.

I've recently been inspired to do some writing of my own new material as well. It's been a long time since that wave has reached the shore. I'm looking forward to seeing where that wave takes me in 2012.

In closing I'd just like to share with you that every night after the show scores of people come to the stage and say thank you to me and the band for doing what we do. Not a night goes by without several dozen people saying, "Frank would be so proud." I really appreciate all of the heartfelt sentiments that all of you express and I want to thank everyone who continues to support this project.

There's so much more great music to learn and to discover. We'll see you back on the road!D30 041225 Thierry Joubaud

Regards, DZ


Ella M.

Nice aim. I hope you have started 1 branch in Europe. I would be more interested. Keep going. I just completed my golden triangle tour with heritage tour India.