Hi Everyone,

I've been really enjoying my time with my daughters over the last several weeks and now I'm shifting gears and getting ready for Dweezilla and the upcoming tour. It's a little bitersweet for me since I will definitley miss my girls while I'm away. That being said, I really love to play this music and I find it to be very inspirational as well.

Dweezilla is also very inspirational in another way. It's great to be a part of something so positive. This has been my first real experience with teaching and seeing the look on student's faces when a new discovery is made or when they have an epiphany is very satisfying. All of us who teach at the camp love to experience this with our students.

With so much going on it's hard to find the right balance in life. It's always challenging choosing new material to focus on and actually learning it. This time it seemed a little more complicated because the majority of the shows we will be doing this summer are as the opening act for Return To Forever.

We are usually faced with the same dilemma (Not Big Leg Emma - Ozzy Osbourne's favorite Frank Zappa song BTW) on every tour. Balance... How do we find the right balance between new material and fan favorite material? What can we do that will make it different yet again?

Knowing that we will be performing for somewhat of a new audience as well as our friendly long time supporters at these upcoming shows and the fact that we will be performing a truncated set makes it makes it even more of a challenge to find the right balance. A key ingredient to this will be to change the set on a nightly basis and to really keep as much diversity in the selection of song styles.

We have a lot of exciting new material we've been putting together. A lot of it is actually stuff that has been on the "to do" list of songs since the very first tour.

I don't want to give away any of the surprises. We all know that you'll find out immediately via Youtube etc...

In any case, we have worked hard to learn a few instrumentals that I think are under appreciated but very iconic within my dad's music. We've got a few new vocal tunes up and running as well. Plus we have re-learned a few songs from some previous tours that we've been wanting to play again.

I've done one slightly new thing this time around. More precisely it's not something I have done previously to this extent. I learned an extended passage of one of Frank's classic solos note for note. A hint... it's from a song on album that was dedicated to me.

All in all, there is a lot of great textures in the selections for this tour and with new changes to my guitar rig I'm looking forward to sonic landscape.

See you all very soon, DZ