Hello Folks,

I just thought I would take a moment to let you know that it's practice time for me again. I have not played guitar hardly at all over the last several months. I've been focused on spending as much time with my daughters as possible which has been amazing. I could write a whole blog about that but that will be for another time...

Now that I've achieved an important new balance between time for my girls and time for work I am currently in the process of making decisions for the upcoming Dweezilla II and subsequent DZPZ/Return To Forever tour.

Besides my work to choose new tunes from Frank's catalog and choosing which tunes to revisit from our past tours, I thought it was time to dig even deeper in my own playing. For a long time I have been very interested in the substitutions and harmonic content that guitarists like Allan Holdsworth, Brett Garsed and Scott Henderson use in their improvisations. They are all players I really admire for their fluidity, rhythmic unpredictability and melodic choices. I have not had a lot of time to devote to properly examining exactly what they are doing. That would be a very deep dive and require a considerable amount of time. Maybe one day I can take that journey down every little side street.

Having said that, my curiousity has reached a point now where I believe it is time for me to take what few moments I can spare and study a few of the details that I find most intriguing. The process of discovery can been daunting but the rewards are quite remarkable. I look forward to what I will be able to incorporate into my own playing. I see it as expanding my tonal palette.

One of the tools I intend to use over the next few weeks is a set of DVDs from a guitar instructor named Derryl Gabel. He is quite a talented player and is skillful at imparting complicated information to the viewer.

For anyone else who may be interested in this same path feel free to have a look at Derryl's web site.


See you all on the road soon. DZ