Hello Everyone,

I finally have a moment to expatiate and fill you in on what's really going on in my world. My personal life has been a real challenge for quite some time. With my divorce I've experienced a drastic vicissitude that has caused me to reflect on the life I lead as a bandleader and touring musician.

My daughters Zola and Ceylon have been and will continue to be my main focus in life. I think about them constantly, even while I'm on stage playing difficult passages within the music. Sometimes they really help keep me calm so I don't rush! Othertimes I day dream a bit and struggle to remain focused on the precision syncopation I am in the middle of like tonight in Cambridge during the Sinister Footwear passage in Wild Love. I could've played that a little better!

I have been away from my girls for a very long time on this tour. I cannot wait to see them again, especially at this fork in the road. I cannot express this feeling properly in words.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to do what I do. I thank all of you here on dweezilzappaworld for making it possible as well. It does come with a price though. (I'm certainly not complaining about it) I am responsible for keeping 12 people employed year round, responsible for continuing the expansion of this Zappa Plays Zappa project we all know and love by learning new music, maintaining what we've already learned, mixing studio tracks, DVD tracks, DVD editing, and dozens of other time consuming things. I love the creative aspect behind all of these things. However, I do look forward to striking a better balance for myself and for my daughters especially as they get a little older. They need me and I want to be there for them as much as I possibly can.

Tonight marked the beginning of the home stretch for us. It was show number 37 for this tour. Every night we try to go out there and do our best to explore the duality of this incredible music. What do I mean by that? 

One of the most brilliant elements of Frank's composing style is his ability to create musical structures that have a strict foundation of composed themes and interludes as well as creating space for spontaneous composition within the overall arrangement. As a musician the duality of both disciplines makes this the most enjoyable gig in the world to play.

Yes it's like training for the olympics but when you have a chance to try to reach your goal on a nightly basis you're fueled by pure inspiration. I love the freedom in the improv and I love the challenge of executing the strict parts.

I know my playing has improved by leaps and bounds since starting this project. I know it will also improve my own compositional skills as well. I am really looking forward to blocking out some time to write some new music of my own. Mainly just to see what it will sound like now.

Anyway, This tour has been great for all of us. There is an obvious growth period for the band as it continues to evolve. I look forward to completing this tour and preparing even more new material and surprises for the next one.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us through these past 5 years. It means a lot ot all of us.

See you on the road.