...the particular passage which is being referred to happens on the the end of 'stinkfoot', and takes place in the context of a man having a conversation with his dog.

the dog asks the man, what is his conceptual continuity.

so the dog is posing a philosophical question to the man about what the man thinks the nature of reality is, or at least his understanding of it.

the dog is basically asking, what is reality?

well, what is an apostrophe?

an apostrophe is a symbol. its an idea. and what is anything else for that matter? what am i to you, but an idea within your mind.

and so, the apostrophe, being a symbol of defined purpose but undefined potential, becomes a more accurate symbol to represent whatever we currently call 'reality'.

basically saying that the crux of the 'biscuit', i.e. reality itself, is more accurately represented by a symbol such as an 'apostrophe'.

meaning... words are limited, language is limited...

ideas and concepts are limitless...

the apostrophe is a symbol that represents something that is not clearly defined.

i mean, if you find an apostrophe inside of a word, you know that it means 'symbol for conjoining two words together' or 'symbol to represent plurality, or ownership'... and that makes well enough sense.

but say you have an apostrophe out on the page by itself... what does it mean then?

it is a vague symbol that can mean anything...and it does.

being able to move beyond that and see, that what binds reality together is something that goes beyond conventional comprehension.

just try to imagine what an apostrophe means by itself. ---->     '     <----

(an apostrophe, out of context)

basically, the apostrophe by itself goes beyond logic. it still means SOMETHING, but without context, it is impossible to define.

it is only within the CONTEXT of language can the purpose of the apostrophe be understood and decoded.

the way we observe things and learn about reality is by looking at context. our understanding of everything is based on the context in which it is being observed.

basically, an apostrophe is dependent upon context to be understood... but an apostrophe is not dependent upon context to EXIST.

and reality is the same way... reality is dependant upon context in order to be understood, but it is not dependent upon context in order to EXIST.

and so, in this way, the apostrophe is an accurate symbol for whatever we might call this existence...

...and so, the crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe.

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