Hello Everyone,

Some of you have been wondering what the point system is all about. Here's the basic idea. If you actively participate in the site by referring new users and sharing your personal Dweezil/Zappa Plays Zappa/FZ experiences you will be eligible to win special prizes somewhere down the road in 2010.

Prizes such as downloads, tickets and passes, t-shirts, and other fun stuff will be awarded to top point collectors. I'm collecting the statistics now. I need to make a few decisions on how to best implement this concept before I start awarding prizes. I'll keep you posted.

Until then, keep the basic premise in mind - DZ/ZPZ/FZ related stories are the crux of the biscuit. Those are the things that will getting you closer to winning prizes. Personal photos and personal entry points will be excluded/subtracted.

Feel free to ask any questions or offer ideas for special competitions.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what you all get up to on the site. So far it feels like a living breathing organism.

Regards, DZ