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john s.

I just came across i "Baby Hit Me One More Time " with you and Ahmet , not something i would normally even play , but well done thanks for all the great music you've done! Hope you tour Canada again ! 


Picked up the ZAPPA '75 2cd set recently. Sounds great.

I have also ordered the Waka/Wazoo 5disc box and will be enjoying it this weekend. Nice.

Lip Cora (Purposeful Porpoise)

Hi guys! New to the site but not new to DZW, I was here in the early days but around 2015 i decided to take a break from music to pursue running and boxing for my mental and physical health. I've been out of the music scene for a while but im slowly coming back, I decided if im gonna do music again, i want it to be FUN, the polar opposite of what i was trying to do with my previous band Purposeful Porpoise, where every note and 7/8 syncopation had the weight of the world and my unending scrutiny laid upon it. Now a days im getting an 80s tribute project going called Cyclotron 2084 that covers tunes from Missing Persons, Till Tuesday, Iron Maiden, Jan Hammer and more. Hopefully i'll get to meet some of u if u are in the LA area. Cheers! 

Mike M.

I have some lyrics that my friend wrote over 40 years ago that I just came across. The title of the song is Match Book Bart. He intended to send to FZ to ask for music to be put to it but never did. I’ll send the first page (of 4). Hoping you might have a melody looking for some lyrics now. Let me know if there is an interest. We all love it because we know the guy it

was written about. Always felt like it could be a FZ song.



Jeff Beck is touring!


12th row on Jeff's side! I sure hope  Vinnie's in the band again.

Ordered the new album "18" w/Johnny Depp. 

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