What The Hell Was I Thinking??

Dan F.

Will this "Unicorn" ever see the light of day to an awaiting public???

salma w.

Drift Boss is an exciting and addictive online driving game that challenges players to showcase their drifting skills.

Victor P.

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lee m.

Insinuating that life the game should make us take it less seriously leads us to do the opposite. But by making us more involved in our lives, it might also make us better at living them. This is the method. 

Braham I.

Maybe, yes. The unicorn can appear. I wish that. How about you?


Melisa  W.

Amazing tutorial! This is exactly the type of post we like to see on the tutorials board!  mcdvoice survey

Alexander B.

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To save anyone else having to Google this, like me, it appears that this is a 75 minute DZ guitar composition featuring 30 guitarists from the 90s that is unreleased. 

Dan F.

That is exactly it!!!   


Smith R.

I will finally be able to go back to work on it.I have not had a facility of my own to work in for many years.



lawrence r.

Cap must have retired but that doesn't mean the world will stay without a superhero. The job is on your shoulders now, so, hurry up and let's get done with this task by gearing up in the Captain America Costume designed by J4Jacket now.

Clemens M.

Thanks for the information keep sharing such informative post



Michael M.

Hi Dweezil. Hope you're doing well under the circumstances and sorry about the loss of your friend Eddie. I wish I could ask you something but was wondering if there a way to write you without it being on public display or in a forum? All the best to you. Regards, Michael.

Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner

Dweezil, my respects for the passing of Edward van halen, now he's in Paradise, be in peace.

Gary F.

I thought you would have inherited the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen.

nazi n.

Thats right

music channels


Lady Gaga owns the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen now.

Matthew J.

"Lady Gaga owns the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen now"

sounds like the title for Joe's Garage Act IV

Gary F.

So sad. Have you ever thought of obtaining your own studio?

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Yes! In the coming weeks, I will finally be able to go back to work on it. I have not had a facility of my own to work in for many years. I was also touring so much I wasn't able to focus on it. COVID has changed that. I will now have some time. I look forward to sharing details about it as it comes together.

Alvalanker H.

What happened to the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen?

Dan F.

That is awesome news!!!

Cannot wait for that to become available!!

Thanks Dweezil, and best wishes from Michigan!

Mark W.

Looking forward to hearing from you 

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