• syll.

    If i only could i would support you by buying or donating ...i am working on a way to get my payment accessible ,for now my sincere core feelings towards all to be well,Sylvia.

  • Michael M.

    Killer version. David would be proud for sure. The 9/8 riff is a great ending.


  • Marcie B.

    Great  musicians, super studio and just FUN! Kudos to Mr. Brighton for "channelling" Bowie so wonderfully


  • Dmitry

    Fantastic. Love the whole team!

  • Aya S.

    The appearance of merit is more often rewarded than merit itself.

  • Aya S.

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  • Aya S.

    Cool ! If the plague asks for a coin, give it in half, as long as it goes away.

  • Drunkanuk

    Just picked up tickets to the April show at the Phoenix in Toronto.

    Can't wait to see Dweezil and the band again, always tip-top notch.

    Loved the last show at the Mississauga Performing Arts Center - One Size Fits All Tour was fantastic!!!

    And...to Ahmet & Diva, Take your Hollowgram and ram it up your snout!

    ~AirHorn Guy

  • Telequin

    Sounds good Dweezil.

    I'm lovin that riff in 9/8......

  • Keith S.

    Great song, great cover! Love your work.

  • loll00

    So cool!!! I love David and Frank too ! Thank you.

  • Mike M.

    Dweezil. I wish everyone listened to your music. Your talent is off the chart.  Your sound is tight and you can feel the jazz in your music.  

  • Janet from another Planet

     BOBBO and I LOVE YOU, DWEEZIL! and support you 100%! As you can see from the latest photo.....NO FAKE FRANK!!!  xoxo, j and b

  • Gary

    TWIG '84

    The Painting That Fell To Earth

    Kim "TWIG" Dabney

    84' Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

    Size 4'6"x10'

    While broke during his time studying at the School of Visual Arts, not being able to afford brushes, Twig did this painting with toothpicks. He began painting when the 1984 uncut version hit US theaters. The painting took 2 months to complete.

    The Man Who Fell To Earth and 11 different Bowie Stage Persona in the TV screens.

    from left to right, row 1, 2, 3

    1: Pin ups, Thin White Duke, the Alien, Major Tom.

    2: Diamod Dog, David Jones (blacked out), Asain Clown (Ashes to Ashes)

    , Ziggy Statdust (on the blink)

    3: Alladin Sane, Boys, Mad Man, Young American...

  • syll.

    Hello Dweezil, ...for me this is a super moment, YOU making especially this song in honor of David...yes,great and well done!I am , how curious  it maybe, as long a fan of David as i am a fan of your father.I also joined his internet- community in 1999,still am a member.So i HAD to share your announcement in the David Bowie community.,had to do it ,ok?.Thanks,Sylvia,

  • Mark K.

    OUT-FRANKIN-ZAPPA-TASTIC !!!!!!  Even Ziggie would Love It !!  So would David !!!!

  • ACE

    Loved Bowie and always loved that song. You have given it justice. Nice. Very, very, nice. ♠️.

  • Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner

    Good album you chose from the Great David Bowie, Peace Dweezil.

  • Gary

    Thanks for Blogging on the credits and production info. I could not help but imagine a character replacement on the cover sketch that was used in the  David Bowie single.

    Immagine if you will, a political character comic sketch, with a bigger button on his desk. This version here not being a 9 inch nails version, but more-so a 10 inch bigger button on his desk version.




  • steve a.

    DZ, sounds awesome, great track thanks, Steve