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  • Douglas W.

    Dweezil I'm there for you and your name. I wonder what Frank is thinking about this. Doug.

  • laney' l.

    Ridiculous I can't believe your own family would do this to you

  • skycarl

    Wish I could have given more for this,,, Stay strong. Thanks for the music.

  • Jeffrey R.

    And many thanks to you RJ, 

    Dweezil, you are the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raymond John M.

    Keep Frank's music alive! Thanks to Jason Rose (R.I.P.) and Jeff Rose for turning me onto Frank's music back in the early 70's and we saw just about every show Frank ever played in NYC. Btw, Frank owes me and the Rose brothers a lot of money for all of the speakers we blew out while blasting out Frank Zappa's music. Our neighbors didn't know what the hell hit them when we blasted Frank's music on our JBL's. ; )  We saw you in 2016 in Huntington, NY and the Beacon Theater in NYC. Looking forward to seeing more shows. Frank's music now lives through you. Keep up the great work!!!---Raymond John