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Dweezil posted the blog post Calling all NEW YORKERS!

Hi Folks, On October 30th I'll be rolling in to New York City to play at the Beacon Theatre. This is a very special show for us! New York is a very special city for us and for my Dad. We hope that you New Yorkers are in a......Read more

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Dweezil posted a comment on the blog post It Can Happen Here!

Hi Tyler, My father faced this kind of replacement scenario repeatedly over the years. He hired wonderfully talented musicians and the fans got to know them a bit. Some folks lasted longer than others but they all had a......Read more

Dweezil posted a comment on the blog post CEASE AND DESIST TOUR 2016

Hi Trip, We are sorting out many things in order to streamline the site. Since you are a longtime visitor of the site I would be interested to know some of your thoughts for future features. Mind if I send you a message......Read more